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              • In Chinese Haoy···


                In 2016 2015, Haoyuan group two annual Chinese International Fisheries Expo site, a lot of customers to taste the delicious grandsoo won the overwhelming majority of customers, signed a cooperation agreement more!

              • Large coffee Fa···


                Business less busy months, May times times busy! With a large wave of new products Haoyuan one after another into the market, from the factory floor to the dealer terminal, the entire Haoyuan domestic marketing system is also accelerating up and running! Recently, the Haoyuan Group tasting dealers have been in Shandong, Jiangsu, Shaanxi and other provinces and cities held; dealers generally haoyuan new and old products have praised the increase, order sales confidence, enthusiasm. At the same ti

              Haoyuan spicy squid flower

              Fried food: oil temperature to 180 degrees C, fried for 2.5 minutes. Carefully matched with rich nutrition

              Detailed menu

              Crispy fried seafood snacks Haoyuan cod

              Deep frying:heat oil up to 180℃ and fry it for 2.5 minutes Crisp fresh cod bulk instant cold processing quality of fresh cooking is rich in nutrition.

              Detailed menu

              Onion ring practice

              Fried food: oil temperature heated to 180 ℃, fried 2.5 minutes, the appearance of golden yellow can be, control the frying time and temperature. Onion ring taste crisp and fresh, simple cooking, nutrient-rich

              Detailed menu

              About us

              Qingdao Haoyuan Group Co., Ltd. was founded in Feb., 1970, with the development principle of Ocean Heart, Career Forever. After many years effort, the Haoyuan Group has developed into a comprehensive group enterprise with an area of about 150mu...

              Enterprise Vision

              Create respected over 100 year’s enterprise; constantly improve employees welfare and create good working atmosphere; Take customers as the center and be responsible for the customers; Take social responsibility.

              Seafood nutrition

              Seafood has been the people to meet the food, its rich protein, low cholesterol, trace elements, and meat compared to human nutrition and health is more superior. To introduce you to the nutritional value  ...

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