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                  Qingdao Haoyuan Group Co., Ltd. was founded in Feb., 1970, with the development principle of Ocean Heart, Career Forever. After many years effort, the Haoyuan Group has developed into a comprehensive group enterprise with an area of about 150mu, with registered capital of 20.18 million RMB, total capital 169 million RMB. There are four subsidiaries under the group, including shellfish, fish, value added food and seasoning processing factories. The Group headquarters is located in Qianfo Hill Hongdao street Hongdao economic district, close to the sea cross bridge with very convenient transportation. The Group has passed USA FDA inspection and EU registration, with the authentication of HACCP, BRC, MSC and HALAL. The Group&rsquo;s main products include fish series, shellfish series, value added food series, seasoning series and snack food series. Among this, 20% is for the domestic market and spread over more than 20 provinces, cities and regions. 80% is for export including the USA, Japan, Europe, Australia, Canada, South Korea and other Asian countries.
                  The Company always focuses on research & development. “Haoyuan” branded Salmon & vegetable rings, Onion rings, and Oyster Sauce have been honored by the National invention patent right. The company is dedicated to quality, with innovation, which is recognized by the market.
                  For the past 40 years, the company has been awarded the national Top Agricultural Products Processing and Exporting Enterprise, and many other honors from Qingdao City, Shandong Province and China. The technique center is awarded as Qingdao City Technique Center. Haoyuan branded Boiled clam vacuum-packed and Salmon & Vegetable rings are awarded as famous products in Shandong province. Haoyuan Brand has been awarded as a Chinese Famous Trademark by SAIC. 
              Enterprise Character: People Oriented, Honest, Responsibility
              Managing Principle: Win on Quality, Be Realistic, Innovate
              Enterprise Spirit: Cherish posts and devote wholeheartedly, Unity and Progress
              Enterprise Vision:
                  Create respected over 100 year&rsquo;s enterprise; constantly improve employees welfare and create good working atmosphere; Take customers as the center and be responsible for the customers; Take social responsibility.
                  Proud as Haoyuan people, with our achievement let people enjoy more health in life.

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