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            Ladies and Gentlemen:
                    Qingdao Haoyuan Group company limited has made a great development under the care of you and the community, first of all, thank you very much for your caring and loving of our company. We are a group company, mainly specilized in the seafood processing & developing, real estate developing, and import & export trade. We own superior processing facilities and strong R&D department, that will guarantee we fulfill your tasks and orders smoothly.
                    “Exert the promising, unceasingly surmounting” is the maxim abided by every Haoyuan employees. Throug unceasingly finding and realizing the value of ourselves, then we walk up to the success and own the treasures. As a enterprise with long history and sustaining developing, Haoyuan people own strong sense of responsibility and mission. “OCEAN HEART, CAREER FOREVER” is the core idea of our enterprice culture. Through the social activities such as making domations to the schools, helping the poor areas, we spare no effort to promote the development of social welfare undertakings and get the high reputation by the community.
                    Here, we warmly welcome you, our colleagues at home and abroad, our new and old clients, to visit our factory, negotiate the business and cooperate. According to your great support to us, Haoyua people and I will keep in mind forever.
                    Finally, I am on behalf of all staffs to you and your families my best blessing, let us hand in hand, should to should, create our better future, hope health, happyness, wealth, and safe accompany with you forever. Thanks.
            G. Manager:
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