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              Recruitment positions

              Qingdao Haoyuan Group Co., Ltd. 2016 Recruitment Plan

              Head of International Trade
              Job Responsibilities:
              1, responsible for the company 's overseas sales and marketing;
              2, according to the marketing plan, the completion of sector sales targets;
              3, open up new markets, develop new customers, increase product sales range;
              4, management and maintenance of customer relationships;
              job requirements:
              1, Bachelor degree or above, majoring in international trade and English proficiency.
              2, relevant work experience, familiar with shellfish, conditioning products, customer resources are preferred.
              Domestic Regional Sales Manager
              Job Responsibilities:
              1, responsible for a province or regional sales, market refinement of the region and the depth of distribution;
              2, according to the objectives and responsibilities to continuously improve the domestic market sales network, expand sales to improve;
              3, in accordance with the provisions of the company 's loan management to strengthen the management of money to ensure timely recovery;
              4, responsible for the organization's sales operations, including planning, organization, schedule control and review;
              5, the establishment and management of sales force to complete sales targets;
              6, from the perspective of sales and customer needs, product development guidance to provide recommendations
              job requirements:
              1, college degree or above, marketing and other related majors;
              2, More than three years working experience in food industry, sales experience in frozen product is preferred;
              3, with a mature channel resources and customer relationships;
              4, with strong market analysis, marketing, promotion ability and good interpersonal communication, coordination, analysis and problem-solving ability, with customers to establish good relations of cooperation.
                Human Resources Department Tel: 0532-87831023 Lu Director Email: lvyuqin@haoyuanfood.com
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